School Age Classroom & Summer Program

We pick up at numerous elementary schools. Once they arrive at the center they will have an afternoon snack, homework assistance and free play. Children are welcome to attend full days when Knox County is closed for weather and/or in-service holidays. The school age program is rarely closed in accordance with Knox County. During the summer fulltime camp is provided at additional cost and sign up. Summer camp includes 4 field trips a week and is a ton of fun!


Meet The Teachers

I have been working with children a little over 3 years and thoroughly enjoy it. In my spare time I like to play basketball.
I have been in child care for three and a half years. I am pursuing my bachelor’s degree in human resources. I enjoy running and anything crafty.
I am studying to be a teacher and love working with children. Although I am currently a full time summer program teacher, I plan to continue subbing as a floater in both buildings during the school year.